Care Group

Care Group

During this year we have continued to meet bi- monthly to report on visits made to parishioners. There are a multiplicity of reasons for these visits such as long term sickness, immobility (and therefore not being able to get to church) and those who are in care homes as well as those in hospital. Visits have also been made to bereaved partners to remind them that we will always give support when it is needed.

Cards are sent to those who are ill, who have been bereaved and on the anniversary of a bereavement. We also send cards to people who are celebrating special events.

Lyn continues to organise thanksgiving services and baptism visits. We remember these babies on their anniversary until they are five.

Thanks are due to all the Care Team for the time they give to visits and to everyone who is a good neighbour. A special thank you to all sides people who fill in the register because it enables us to check on someone who might disappear ” under the radar”, and many thanks to John for setting it all up

Norma Nixey