Growth Groups


Our growth group of 11 people meets about fortnightly on Monday evenings from Sept to June. Until April, we completed our 20-session study of the Gospel of Matthew, using a commentary by Tom Wright ‘Matthew for Everyone’ to provoke discussion. From September, we have studied the life of Moses, reading from his birth to death – from a basket in the Nile, to crossing the Red Sea, to just before the crossing of the Jordan; from the beginning to the end of the time the Israelites’ spent in the deserts. We have wondered at God’s power, at Moses’ humanity and failings, as well as his eventual unshakeable faith. Moses was unique amongst humans in speaking to God face-to-face. We have remembered several old stories that we had forgotten, and we have learned much that is new to us, or which we now see in a fresh light. We have had a lot of satisfaction and fun doing it.

Come and join us as we learn to appreciate (some of) the Psalms.

John Diggle

Former Vicarage

We are quite a small group who were meeting with Peter in the Vicarage, but we now have Lis Wye as our leader and we have been meeting at Lis’s house.  Maybe it is time for us to choose a new name.  With Peter we studied several courses in the Pilgrim series, the most recent being The Ten Commandments and The Beatitudes.  We then had a change and decided to look at The Bible Course where we explored the whole Bible in eight sessions.  It was really interesting to see how all the books fitted into the big picture, asking what did this passage mean then and what does it mean for my life today?  After such a broad study, we chose to look at just one book in more detail and we are now working through a Life Builder Study of Kings. We usually meet fortnightly on a Thursday afternoon and during our meetings we enjoy chat, a cup of tea or coffee, biscuits, study, music, prayer and fellowship, all in an hour and a half.  Why not join us?

Heather Leather

Church Bank

This home group meets on Wednesdays, approximately every fortnight, to study the Bible, discuss Bible study questions and support each other in our walks with God.  Over the past year, we have enjoyed studying the books of James and Ecclesiastes.  We have been delighted to welcome some new members to the group and have had some fun social gatherings too!

Keren Coney

Tues night ladies

After struggling to meet last year we are having another go at trying to meet up once a month to encourage each other. There are 9 of us within the St Philips community who have children ranging from 2months old to nearly 18 who have been along to meetings. It is hard to find a time when we can all meet due to our work, family church and social commitments but we have had 3 small gatherings since Christmas.  This year we have decided to try and do some bible studies looking at some of the women of the bible. The material “Joy for Life” is written by a lady called Sue Hurst whom Dawn and Andy Wisbey knew well when they lived in Hampshire.  Her aim is to encourage women in their walk with God and help them to study the Bible more. They all include a shore video which we have enjoyed watching and is an easy way for us to access this material. Personally, I find it a big encouragement to meet with other mothers to encourage and support one another in this role.   We were also able to offer support to Graham and Sarah Bunting back in February after the arrival of young Charlie with some meals to help them through the tiring days of early parenthood.  Please pray for us that we can find the time to meet, pray and offer encouragement to each other.

Dawn Wisbey

No.1 Ladies

As a group we joined in once a month with Peter’s prayer workshops in which we looked at the book Naked Spirituality by Brian McLaren.  McLaren picked up on twelve words which helped us get to the heart of prayer and to grow in our practice of prayer.  The twelve words were grouped into seasons – simplicity, complexity, perplexity and harmony.  On the alternative fortnightly Wednesdays, we met together as our home group and Andrea Gray lead the evenings by picking up and elaborating on the corresponding chapter from Naked Spirituality which had been discussed at the workshop.

We finished the book last month and we have now returned to our regular fortnightly meetings with Andrea Gray leading us in our next book J John’s ‘TEN’ – living the Ten Commandments in the 21st century – Revd Canon J.John is a renowned international Christian speaker.  His much-loved art of storytelling helps people to discover spiritual meaning in a way that makes sense of everyday life.

We continue to support and enjoy each other’s company on our Christian journeys and organise a social gathering at Christmas and in the summer months.

Danielle Clarke