Mission Partnership

Mission Partnership

St Philip’s sets aside ten percent of all its income from individual giving plus associated Gift Aid reclaimed, and from fees earned. This sum (about £7,000 per annum), is allocated to several Mission Partners, with whom we try to establish and maintain long term relationships.  Our current Mission Partners are:

Save the Family

Save the families support homeless people in a residential setting who are at risk of their children being taken away from them. They achieve this by mentoring and building essential life skills.
In particular, they request prayer for finding, and funding a Safeguarding Professional to meet their clients challenging needs and finance salaries in general for the next 3 years.
Up to date literature now in church.

Chester Schools Christian Workers (CSCW)

http://www.cscw.org.uk/ is a group working in schools in Chester and the local area which St Philip’s has been supporting for several years now. It is led by Paul North, the Chaplin at Bishops High School and has a team of dedicated and committed youngish people who lead activities in the schools. Please pray for the work of CSCW as they seek to inspire hope and unlock potential in the lives of children and young people.



To see news for Israel, Charlene and Miles who we support it is maf-uk.org/staff/neale-Israel-and-charlene

Israel, Charlene and Miles have recently moved from Arnhem Land  (where they had worked for two years with Aboriginal people) to PNG and are learning the language and culture, they are going to live in a village for a week before they start their new roles. Israel is a pilot and Charlene works in training and development.  Miles will be starting school, please pray he will settle well and make friends.

In 2018 we continued to support: 

One highlight was the visit to us in Kelsall of Israel, Charlene, and Miles Neale of MAF. They were on leave prior toredeployment to Papua New Guinea where, Israel explained, the political, flying and living situations all presented challenges. They also told us more about their work which they were sorry to leave in Arnhem Land, NE Australia.

Andrew Young, CMS(Nepal), has suffered ill health and have had to return to the UK. We hope to catch up with them before they return to Nepal.

We gave a small donation (£400) to Melita Church, Watamu, in Kenya. This is the church visited by Dot & Ted Wilkinson when they were in Kenya; and, again, when they visited this year. The money has been spent on equipping the church with loos and associated plumbing, none of which formerly existed.

We continued to support with a donation:

Open Doors, a well-known international organisation which supports persecuted Christians and refugees by encouraging contact, Bibles, and essential supplies.

Compassion,the agency supporting very deprived children in Africa, especially Pingwendé in Burkina Faso and, 9 year-old Anik Das in Bangladesh.

L’Arche, Flintshire –The project suffered a setback because of the death of a ‘core member’ around whom the housing project is designed. 2019 could be a key year which reveals whether or not the project will be set up.

Fleur Warenius, our new ‘champion’ has re-established contact with Save the Family, who continue to operate at Cotton Hall Farm. Fleur has ambitions to establish a small group of volunteers from St Philip’s – contact her if potentially interested.

Another highlight, actually in Jan 2019, was the visit from Paul North, who leads Chester Schools Christian Workers (“CSCW”): Christian education in Chester area schools. He gave us an informative talk about CSCW’s work bringing knowledge of our faith, and relationships education, to some of the 16,000 school-age young people in the Chester area, most of whom receive no other Christian education.

Thanks are due to our charity ‘champions’ – the individuals who keep contact with each partner, arrange visits periodically, write articles, and pray regularly. We are always seeking to increase the number of ‘champions’ for each charity. Please speak to me or anyone involved if you might be interested in joining the group.

John Diggle 

752608 for more information.