Music at St Philip's

The music group has been regularly leading Worship sessions at St Philip’s, and in January we were delighted to have a full set of musicians on piano (Jo), flute (Dawn), violin (Elaine), clarinet (Helen), guitar (Chris) & singing (Sue). Various musicians have also taken part in other services over the year eg at the Folk Festival & for the ‘Celebration of Church Life’ to name just some of them, and for the Harvest Festival we added flute, guitar and piano to two of the choir items. Musicians joined forces with the choir singing at the Christmas Carol service and there was flute accompaniment too (for a choir version of ‘Away in a manger’). We also had added saxophone (Ruby) at the Duke of Edinburgh Awards’ service in February, which was an added bonus!

The group has played together (very occasionally) at ‘Space’ and Sue has had other singers join her at times in Leading worship.
New songs have been introduced and are frequently repeated so that the congregation can get to really know them. We hope, as a group, to encourage worship and bring a closeness to God; to make music which is pleasing to hear and be part of; and for our music to enhance (and not distract from) worship and be a positive experience for all.
Anyone who would like to participate please do not hesitate to speak to any of us and let us know which instrument you play or if you’d like to sing.

Under Elaine’s competent musical direction and instruction and Douglas acting as recruiting officer, the choir gave us a memorable Carol Service in 2016. Twenty-three choristers sang, filling the church with song and celebration, with music and flute accompaniment and with Dennis Jones, a well-known friend and supporter, playing the organ. Special mention must be given to the inclusion of seven children, boys and girls, singing in the Carol Service choir; their hard work giving them experience and enjoyment and adding to the musicality of the overall event.

Waiting here for You

10,000 reasons Matt Redman

Remembrance ( Communion song) Matt Maher

Jesus hope of the Nations.

Strength will rise

Cornerstone - Hillsong

My Jesus, My Saviour

Beautiful One

The splendour of the King