An Artists impression of the new church layout

Our building has served us well for 150 years. There is an opportunity now to make it even more functional and flexible so that we can use it for so much more than just Sunday services, weddings, baptisms and funerals.

We want to make the church building accessible for all – the pews don’t serve this purpose and we have no toilet facilities available in the building. By removing the pews, levelling the floors and adding a new toilet in the entrance we can make the building much more accessible for all. It will also provide a community space for many more flexible forms of worship, conference, concert space.

We will also include the suitable audio/visual facilities as well as publicly available WiFi


The building is showing its age and needs quite a lot of repair works to stonework and we need to deal with subsidence on the chancel area.

We are also really constrained by the pews in terms of gathering together after services. We will be adding kitchen facilities so that we can gather together for tea and coffee but also to help anyone using the church to be able to provide catering.