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Parish News
As in previous years, six issues of the Parish News were published annually, with the subscription remaining at £5 per year for 6 copies, in effect this means that one copy per year is free of charge as the cover price for individual copies in church is £1.
The team of 19 distributors deliver 185 copies between them, this is approximately 13 less than last year, mainly due to various deaths throughout the year and people moving, but the new occupiers not wishing to receive a copy. 10 of those copies are taken to Kelsall Methodist Church by Mary Diggle. We are indebted to all of them for their help and hard work. The co-ordination of the distribution team is done by Douglas and Barbara Walters and we are extremely grateful to them for organising this.
Copies are also left in Wally Dutton’s Butchers, the Chemist, Doctors surgeries and Vets, and are delivered to newcomers and new houses by Margaret Durbin and Irene Skinner and John Jones as part of the welcoming newcomers initiative. The Parish News is uploaded to the church website at the following link 22/index.html and twitter @stphilipskelsal, by Chris Spray. The format enables you to turn the pages with a click of the mouse, making it much easier to read online.
Grateful thanks are due to all who make contributions. Many thanks are due to Margaret Davies who this year has passed on the reins to Jane Pearson who is now compiling the rotas and dealing with advertisers for us. We are extremely grateful to Margaret for her years of hard work and for Jane for taking on this important task. John Diggle provides regular Outward Giving updates. A new feature this year was initiated by Lis Wye who contributes the poetry for the ‘Quiet Corner’. Of course, we must not forget the Vicar for providing his ‘View from the Vicarage’ and other items. Contributions are welcome direct to the editors at
If you know of any houses that have recently had new occupants, please take a Parish News (for free) from church and pop it through the door (or even better, take a Welcome Leaflet as well and call in and introduce St Philip’s to them!). Kath and Geoff Roberts 01829 752209