Regular Services

We gather regularly for a number of different services / prayer times at St Philip’s.   You are warmly welcome to worship with us at any time.

“Please be aware that work to modernise the interior of the church will begin on 16th January 2020 and is expected to continue until June 2020.

During that time the church will not be open to the public. The 9.00 am Sunday service will be held in the Church Lounge (adjacent to the church), and the 10.30 am services will be held at Kelsall Methodist Church.”

We also regularly worship with our fellow Christians at the Kelsall Methodist Church.

See the church calendar for services here.

Church Worship at St Philip’s


The current pattern of Sunday worship times is:

9.00am 1stSunday Morning Worship CW (traditional hymns)
Other Sundays Holy Communion BCP (said or with hymns)
10.30am 1stSunday Holy Communion CW
2ndSunday Informal or Morning Worship CW
3rdSunday Holy Communion CW
4thSunday Family Worship CW
5thSunday Holy Communion CW
4.00pm Every other month SPACE – alternative worship experience in Community Centre
Festivals Special Service (e.g. Easter Praise; Harvest Praise; Carol)

The 10.30 am pattern is changed to take account of Christian Festivals and other special services.

Special Services

Mid Jan Covenant Service at Methodist church  
Late Jan / early Feb Duke of Edinburgh Awards  
Late May Folk Festival Service (joint)  
Late July Holiday Club Service (joint)  
Late October Memorial (4pm) All Saints  
Nov Remembrance (joint)  


United Services with Kelsall Methodist Church

 Very recently, as part of the increasing coming together of the two churches, one service each month is a united service, with one church visiting the other on alternate months. No pattern of ‘Sunday of the month’ has yet emerged, because there are some obvious dates, such as Methodist Covenant service (January), Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (May), in addition to the special services (above).

Style of Worship

We are a church for a village of people of different ages and tastes (in music and worship) and want to try to have wide appeal by offering a range of worship styles. At 9.00am we have traditional Holy Communion BCP, usually said but sometimes with hymns. On 1stSunday, we have a Morning Prayer (service of the Word) with hymns. The congregation is usually between 10 and 20.

At 10.30am, we have Holy Communion (CW) twice a month, a Family worship (CW) once and an informal or morning worship (CW) once. The style of the worship might be described as ‘middle-of-the-road’. The choir and clergy robe for formal services, but not for family and informal services. Liturgy is printed on home produced leaflets and follows CW fairly closely. The liturgy and songs are also projected onto a screen at several services using a multi-media projector. Readings are read, and intercessions led, by members of the congregation. The congregation sizes vary; about 25-40 adults and 3-10 children for a usual service; often many more for a special service.