The A Team


A Team

Having Four good working mowers, Five keen and healthy volunteers and experiencing an early ‘Spring Season’ which is comparatively dry, although cold, on Mondays; has meant that we have had a good start to the 2019 Season.  All the areas of the graveyard have been mowed, sinkage has been attended to in several areas, strimming has been extensive, and a start has been made on the trimming of the west wall hedges.  The trees and shrubs are showing new growth, and all should be well and in good order for Easter Tide. Discussions at ‘coffee-time’ have yet failed to produce any semblance of a solution to the ”Brexit Problem”, but we do have one or two ideas of what to do with Politicians, which might help in the long run. Providing the weather continues good we look forward to a successful season.

Ted Wilkinson