Vision 2020

St Philip’s, Kelsall

Connecting our Community with God

St Philip’s is the parish church of Kelsall, within the Diocese of Chester, in the Church of England, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

And what does the LORD require of you?

To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God – Micah 6.8

In our Worship in 2020 we will…
  • Have a variety of services
    • on Sundays, mid-week daytime and evenings
    • according to the seasons
    • both traditional and contemporary, in music and liturgy, resourced by a church choir and a music group
    • catering for all ages
    • including sign language interpreted services, and an annual children’s service celebrating baptism
  • Encourage preaching that is 
    • Biblically inspired, relevant to everyday problems and current ethical issues, challenging and encouraging
    • Interactive, using visual and audio media
    • Appropriate in length and style
    • Recorded, uploaded to the website, and made available for housebound people
  • Pray regularly, as a community, with, for example
    • Morning Prayer, 2 or 3 times a week
    • Intercessory Prayer group – meeting fortnightly 
    • Monthly prayer breakfast
    • Healing services
    • Open prayer times in some Sunday services
    • Meditative services
  • Train lay people in leading worship, including new Readers and young people
  • Share communion with children, after some preparation
As part of our Christian discipleship, in 2020 we will….
  • Meet in ‘growth groups’, at different times of the week, in people’s homes, for bible study, prayer and fellowship
  • Hold a quarterly Saturday breakfast for those who can’t attend regular growth groups 
  • Offer in-house courses in biblical theology
  • Access training available in the diocese and beyond
  • Offer pastoral care in the church and the community, with a trained and resourced team of volunteers, who have a clear and distinctive role and clear policies for hospital, bereavement and baptism visiting
  • Encourage everyone to use their time and talents in appropriate ways in the life of the church and community
  • Support training in Christian healing
  • Testify to God’s work amongst us
  • Teach sacrificial and proportionate giving
  • Receive financial support from parishioners, who recognise the role of the church in the community
  • Give 10% of our church’s income to support ministry in different places
  • Pay our parish share
  • Invest in children’s work, youth ministry, pastoral care and outreach
  • Share in parish holidays and quiet days
In our work with Children and Young People in 2020 we will have…
  • A large and lively under 5s Sunday group; a mid-week service / activity for under 5s 
  • Activities for 5-11s on Sundays and during the week
  • A group for 11-14s  meeting on a Sunday morning, engaging young people in relevant discussion and activities, with its own base, and linked in with the Youth Club
  • Children and young people encouraged to join the church choir
  • A growing group for older teens, meeting occasionally with other local church groups
  • Young people attending church services, with services suitable for their age-group, and provision for the under 5s to participate
  • A Youth club supported by both St Philip’s and Methodist churches, including two groups, older and younger, well-resourced and financially independent
  • A continuing link with the Duke of Edinburgh group in Kelsall
  • Children’s and Youth Work Leaders who are trained and supported 
  • Child Protection and Recruitment policies and procedures in place
  • A baptism policy, with parents being prayerfully prepared for the baptism of their children and with contact maintained with families afterwards
  • An annual holiday club
  • Good links with Kelsall School
In engaging with our Community and the Wider World, in 2020 we will…
  • Encourage all church members in their daily Christian life and witness
  • Plan evangelism strategically, with
    • A survey of parishioners to understand their needs
    • a welcome scheme for newcomers to the parish
    • ‘Invitation’ as part of our culture
    • regular social events to develop friendships, including walking group
    • a regular enquirers course (e.g. Alpha or Exploring Christianity), resourced by several church members
    • Marriage preparation, led by church members
  • Open the church building during the week, with a rota of volunteers
  • Hold a weekly ‘surgery’ for the booking of occasional offices and other enquiries
  • Celebrate the many ways in which church members are involved in different aspects of community life
  • Create opportunities to serve together; be actively involved in charities such as Save the Family and Chester Aid to the Homeless (CATH); twin with a parish in a deprived area
  • Share some resources and activities with neighbouring Anglican parishes
  • Have a close relationship with overseas charities we support, including mission organisations
  • Raise awareness of overseas mission in the parish through special events and local fundraising
  • Support church members travelling to overseas projects
  • Have a strong working relationship with Kelsall Methodist Church, including
    • Shared services at Festivals and other special occasions
    • Joint Holiday Club
    • Shared input into Kelsall School
    • Regular prayer for parish and surrounding area
  • Continue to maintain our historic churchyard (with family graves still available for burials, and space for the burial of cremated remains); conduct funeral services in church followed by burial in the new community cemetery or at a crematorium.
To Support Ministry in 2020 we will have…
  • A growing church, with a larger active membership than in 2012 and a wide spectrum of ages
  • A Vicar and a lay team
  • A church building, which is multifunctional and welcoming, with
    • a versatile space inside
    • an open chancel area (with a repaired floor) with space for choir and  musicians, drama and the celebration and distribution of communion
    • glass doors on the outside
  • A church lounge that has been remodelled and extended, with improved kitchen facilities, incorporating a parish office and being used as a venue for a number of church events
  • A communication strategy that uses a variety of methods  to promote church activities, including both print and on-line media and an e-mail database to advertise church activities
  • Finances sufficient to sustain the life and growth of the church

To further this vision in 2012-13 we commit to these Priorities:

  • Resourcing ministry: to challenge one another about the use of our time, talents and money.  A Stewardship Group has been formed to plan a programme and to initiate an annual commitment Sunday
  • Welcoming: to co-ordinate our welcome with the aim of seeing new members joining St Philip’s.  The Communication and Outreach Group is putting together a new welcome leaflet and wants to appoint a volunteer co-ordinator 
  • Growing together: to form a social committee with the brief of planning and  co-ordinating church events and, specifically, planning a weekend away in 2013
  • Increasing the number of children and young people associated with St Philip’s, through our continued children’s work, holiday club and family services.  Linked to this is our awareness of the need to offer training and support to our children’s workers
  • Opening the church building two or three times a week, under the care of volunteer stewards

These are the priorities ranked highest by the P.C.C. as we have discussed how to take forward our 2020 Vision in the next 12 months.  A number of other initiatives have been suggested, but these are the things on which we want to focus our energies this year, in addition to our regular worship and fellowship.  Above all, though, we need to hold everything before God in prayer.